eTOXISAFE® certification
by Toxi Plan

Certify your products as low impact on the environment.

Environmental protection has become a crucial subject that all industries need to consider in order to lower their impact on climate and the environment. Among those industries, the cosmetics sector has not yet regulated the environmental safety of cosmetic products aside from ingredients concerned by REACH. However, consumers are more and more demanding and looking for: 

Products safe for the human health
Products respecting the animals 
Products using natural or naturally sourced ingredients 
Products respecting the environment 

While the first two criteria are guaranteed by strict rules under the Cosmetics Regulation EC 1223/2009, the last two are only covered by Article 20 of the Regulation related to product claims. 

Indeed, it is up to the manufacturers to ensure they can substantiate claims on the origin of ingredients and the protection of the environment that do not mislead consumers. Standards exist in this context. However, these are not mandatory to follow, and manufacturers may play on words or use marketing tips to attract consumers in search of “green” products. 

Toxi Plan, a pioneer in ensuring a serious and trustable protection of the environment, proposes a certification of the finished product to confirm: 

  • It has no impact on aquatic and terrestrial organisms
  • It protects the aquatic life
  • It does not contaminate the soil

eTOXISAFE certification 

As a partner of Toxi Plan, Taobé can help you achieve this certification to make your products ahead of their time by being safe for both human health and the environment.

The eTOXISAFE certification proposes different levels of environment protection shown as: 

safe for decomposers

safe for algae

safe for aquatic life

safe for crustaceans

safe for ocean and earth life (coming soon)



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