Cosmetic Product Registration UK

Since Brexit took effect, significant changes have shaped the regulatory landscape governing cosmetics registration in the United Kingdom. Key amendments include the requirement for a UK-based Responsible Person and mandatory product notification through the UK Submit a Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (SCPN).

Since the 31st of December 2020, the Product Safety and Metrology etc. (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 have been enforced, replacing Regulation (EU) 1223/2009, which no longer applies to the British market. The Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) is the competent authority responsible for controlling and regulating the cosmetic market in England, Scotland, and Wales. The primary changes post-Brexit pertaining to cosmetics registration in the UK revolve around the requirement to have a Responsible Person based in the UK and to notify products on the UK Submit a Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (SCPN). While most decisions made in Europe regarding the safety aspects of cosmetic products will also apply to the UK, some specific restrictions may differ between regulations. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the Cosmetic Product Safety Report considers both EU and UK market regulations.

UK Responsible Person and UK Address for Cosmetics Registration

All cosmetics products placed on the UK market after Brexit must have a Responsible Person who is based in the UK. As far as labelling is concerned, the Responsible Person details and the UK address shall appear. However, the Regulation foresees a seven-year transition period to enable cosmetic brands to sell through existing stocks. 

The process of cosmetics registration in the UK consists of 5 steps, and is similar to the European process:

The steps of the UK Cosmetic Registration Process

Step 1

The Formula Check

Step 2

The creation of CPSR

Step 3

The Label & Claims Check

Step 4

The SCPN notification

Step 5

The UK Responsible Person Service

Cosmetics registration in the UK: Services from Taobe Consulting

As a full-service solutions provider, we make the journey to safety and compliance for your cosmetics registration easier with our advanced Product Information File (PIF), Raw Material, and Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment services, coupled with our UK Responsible Person services, easing the administrative burdens for your UK importers. Most of the work performed for EU compliance will suffice for UK cosmetics registration compliance. However, additional requirements may apply, such as those for aerosol dispensers, which must adhere to the Aerosol Dispensers Regulations 2009 and display a UKCA compliance mark.

With our extensive expertise and in-depth understanding of UK market regulations, we ensure that your products meet all necessary requirements. Entrust your cosmetic registration process to us, and be confident that your products will meet the standards mandated by UK regulations.

SCPN Notification & UK Responsible Person

Once certified for compliance, your product is ready to be notified on the official portal. As your Responsible Person in the UK, we handle the notification process on the SCPN, the Submit a Cosmetic Product Notification portal.

Additionally, our Responsible Person service includes regulatory monitoring to promptly address any changes in the ever-evolving regulations, ensuring your products remain compliant at all times.

Navigating the intricate landscape of cosmetics registration in the UK requires meticulous attention to detail and adherence to evolving standards. At Taobé Consulting, we stand as experts in this field, equipped with the knowledge and resources to facilitate seamless registration of your cosmetics products in the UK.

With our commitment to staying abreast of regulatory updates and our proactive approach to compliance, we guarantee that your cosmetics products remain in alignment with the dynamic UK regulatory environment. Whether you are a newcomer to the market or seeking to enhance the compliance of your existing product line, Taobé Consulting offers tailored solutions to meet your needs.

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