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THE european Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009

Same rules for 32 countries in Europe

Since 2013, the European regulation (EC) n°1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council on Cosmetic products is applied in the European Union + Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein. This regulation’s aim was to simplify procedures within the European territory. During several months, the authorities have worked to elaborate what are now the strictest rules in the world.

This regulation is so complicated that experts alone can navigate through it. But this legal uniformity also means that you only have to go through the registration process once to be able to sell your products in 32 countries!


What does it mean for cosmetic brands?

What do you need to be able to sell in the EU?

You need a Product Information File for each of your products. This Product Information File will contain :
– The CPSR-A, gathering all the documents and tests related to the product
– The CPSR-B, which is the Safety Assessment of the product carried out and signed by a Safety Assessor

This document will be asked by your distributor/importer.

Your products need to be registered on the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal, which is an online plateform where the authorities and poison centers can access information about your product

This number will be asked by the customs.

All cosmetic products sold within the EU must have a responsible person (who can be a company or a physical person) based in the EU, whose/which name and address will appear on the label.

The mandatory information that needs to appear on your labels must be translated in the official languages of the countries your products are going to be sold.


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 CPNP Notification


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Our services

We register your products for the European market

We take care of all aspects of the Registration process, meaning : 

  • We assess your formula to see if it complies with EU norms. We advise on how you can reformulate to be EU compliant.
  • We create the Product Information File, containing the CPSR-A and the CPSR-B (Safety Assessment signed by a certified Safety Assessor)
  • We check your labels and claims 
  • We notify your product on the CPNP
  • We can be the responsible person for your products in the EU and in the UK
  • We translate your labels in all EU languages
  • We perform tests on your products

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  • Once you are a customer, you can ask unlimited regulatory questions to your Account Manager.
  • We deliver the most thorough, in-depth PIF you will ever see. It’s a promise.
  • We are not the cheapest – reviewing technical documents, creating thorough files or analysing the legislation takes time & expertise. We cut no budget on choosing the best Safety Assessors of the industry and the most competent Account Managers to assist you with your project.
  • We are not the most expensive – we believe in charging fair prices – that’s why we rarely give discounts (only Volume Discounts or Special Offers).
  • You will be given clear answers to your questions, solutions to your problems & guidance to help you make the right decisions to save time and money.
  • We have developed a safe platform where you can upload confidential documents and have access to them at all times. For each of your products, you will have all related documents at your fingertips.
  • A Customer Satisfaction Survey is sent after each project to ensure we keep up with our high standard. Always.
  • We don’t do cheap, fast, half-done work. When we start a project, we provide a 5-start service, no matter if you are start-up or an industry game-changer.
  • We are firm believers in people, high-quality work and honesty. Beauty will certainly change the world, but being fair and deliver high-quality work too!

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