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Are you ready to sell your products on the biggest market of the industry,
but you feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the Regulation? 

Keep on reading, we will tell you everything you need to know on how to get started.


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Dear reader,

If you are reading those lines, you are probably ready to take your company to the next level and start your expansion on the largest cosmetic market in the world, valued at 78,6 billion euros at retail sales price.

Yet, in order to have your products reach the 500 million potential customers out there, you need to have them registered.

You may already have read dozens of articles to understand the basics of the European Regulation (EC) 1223/2009, to know which documents you need to go through customs or how you can find a Responsible Person for your products in Europe. 

Words such as Safety Assessment, Product Information file (PIF), Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR), CPNP, claims or Challenge Test

may have come across as incomprehensible scientific terms and have left you puzzled. After you also realised that only a Safety Assessor can perform the CPSR that will open all the doors for your product, you should have come to the conclusion that you cannot do it on your own.

So, you need help. That’s what we are here for.

Every day, we provide our customers with the precious certification they need to be able to ship their products to Europe. Every day, we advise cosmetic brands on how to stay ahead of the game.




Our mission is to help you have your products ready to be sold in Europe in no time, and to do that, we will need your help. Sharing documents will be a crucial part of the process, that’s why you need to understand the ins and outs of what we do.Our experts have written down a guide that compiles the most helpful information for you to have the basic knowledge to start your European expansion the right way.

In this free guide, you will understand:

  • Which regulation is applicable in Europe and what it entails
  • The steps you need to take at each stage of the registration process
  • Which documents you need to gather to go through the whole registration process
  • Which tests you need depending on your kind of products
  • What needs to appear on your labels
  • How to choose your suppliers well

1 registration process to access 32 countries

32 European countries follow the same legislation. That means that your products only need to be registered once to enter all countries. The registration process consists of 5 steps and the lead time to complete a project really depends on how fast technical documents such as GMP, MSDS, etc. can be provided and if the mandatory tests have already been performed (some tests take up to 3 months). Taking this into account, it generally takes about 90 days to complete a project, but it can be much faster if all documents are ready.

Download our free guide to access the full list of documents we need to be able to work.


Registration process



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Formula check

Product Information

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EU & UK Responsible Person




1 Registration process for 32 countries

What are the steps of the process?

The registration process is sliced into 5 steps: 

PIF – Product Information File

1. Formula Check – during this step, each raw material is carefully analysed to see whether it is accepted or not in Europe

2. CPSR-A & CPSR-B – the most important part of the PIF. It gathers all documents related to the product. The CPSR-B is the Safety Assessment signed by a Safety Assessor

3. Label & Claims Check – is a thorough analysis of the elements that should appear on the label based on the formula and the legislation. The claims are also carefully studied since they are highly regulated in Europe

CPNP & SCPN Notification

4. We notify your products on the CPNP (EU) and on the SCPN (UK)

Responsible Person Service

5. We become your EU and/or UK Responisble Person


Why choosing us?

We are a one-stop shop

We are a one-stop shop for all your regulatory concerns. We provide you with all you need to legally sell your products in Europe.


And we are the only ones on the market to charge the Responsible Person Service per product, which is more fair and much cheaper on the long term.

We are trusted by many

We are trusted by many, from innovative start-ups to industry game changers who hire us for specific missions or to fully register every single one of their products.

We only provide a 5-star service

We don’t do cheap, fast, half-done work. When we start a project, we provide a 5-start service, no matter if you are start-up or an industry game-changer.

We deliver the most thorough, in-depth PIF & CPSR you will ever see. It’s a promise.

We assist you all the way

Your Personal Account Manager will follow your project from A to Z and you will be given clear answers to your questions, solutions to your problems & guidance to help you make the right decisions to save time and money.

We will answer all your regulatory concerns as soon as you become a customer without charging you extra work hours.

We charge a fair price

Reviewing technical documents, creating thorough files or analysing the legislation takes time & expertise. We cut no budget on choosing the best Safety Assessors of the industry to work on your project.

We are not the cheapest, nor the most expensive – we believe in charging fair prices – that’s why we rarely give discounts (only Volume Discounts or Special Offers).

Communication is key

Our mission implies that we explain you how the EU Regulation works and which technical documents we need to be able to start. The more you understand how the registration process works, the fastest your products will be registered. You can count on us to provide clear explanations on the complex matter that the EU Regulation is, even before signing a contract with us! 

Your own digital safe

 We have developed our own private platform where you can safely upload all confidential documents related to your products and have access to them at all times. Once your products are registered, you will also have access to the PIF and the CPNP certificate in your own personal space.

A hassle-free database customised for your products at your fingertips.


At the end of each project, a Customer Satisfaction Survey is handed over to receive your feedback and ensure we keep up with our high standard. Always.

Trusted international partners

We can recommend labs, Regulatory Consultants for other markets, ISO Consultants and many more.

honesty & quality

We are firm believers in people, high-quality work and honesty.

Like Dostoevsky, we believe that beauty will save the world, but we would add that being fair and deliver high-quality work would make it an even better place.

You are a vip

You are not just a number to us. We treat each customer equally, with the uttermost care.

Trust that you will be served as a VIP and expect the highest quality in our work.

“Working with Taobé Consulting has saved us so many headaches. We could not have imagined working with a better partner who helped us get through every step of the registration process so fast. We also appreciated the answers we received for each of our concerns. Knowing we had an expert by our side to help us changed it all”

—Kate B., Regulatory Manager, USA

Book your Formula Check

You want to know if your formula is compliant with the EU & UK Regulation before performing the mandatory tests? Book a Formula Check with us now for only 250€

The Formula Check is the first step of the registration process. Once our experts will have analysed your formula, we will be able to tell you if it is EU/UK compliant or if you need to reformulate to enter the market.

To perform the Formula Check, we will need your formula, the COA & MSDS of each raw material.

Ready to register your products?


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Tell us the number of products you wish to register, the number of ingredients per product and if some products have the same base formula but different fragrance or shade.

Formula Check

Contact us to book a Formula Check. Let us know the number of ingredients you have per product and prepare your formula, COA and MSDS of each raw material.

In a hurry?

Are you ready to begin the registration process now? Tell us in your message when you need your products to be registered. We will suggest a schedule to have your products registered on time.

Are you lost?

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