Cosmetic Ingredient Review Services

If you’re in the cosmetics development or manufacturing sector and need expert advice on ingredient safety, Taobé Consulting is here to help. We provide thorough and scientifically supported evaluations of cosmetic ingredients, ensuring compliance and safety. Our team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to support you in understanding the safety aspects of cosmetic ingredients.

Below, we provide all the necessary information about what is included in our cosmetics ingredient review services, detailing the essential components and processes that ensure thorough assessments.

Comprehensive safety assessment of cosmetic raw materials for the European market

Safety assessments are essential not only for finished cosmetic products but also for the raw materials and ingredients used in their production. Raw materials intended for the European market must meet specific requirements to ensure their safety, quality, and compliance.

A comprehensive toxicological evaluation of cosmetic raw materials is crucial for manufacturers and suppliers aiming to sell their products to major clients in Europe. This means that the cosmetic raw materials must have:

  • Toxicological information on the cosmetic ingredients contained in the raw materials and on the raw materials as a product.
  • Information on their safety during the use of the cosmetic raw materials (such as Safety Data Sheets).
  • Information about the quality of the cosmetic raw materials.
  • Other relevant information such as the complete composition, physical-chemical characteristics, instructions for use, efficacy, compliance with different regulations, etc.

Cosmetic raw materials are composed of one or more cosmetic ingredients, which are chemical substances. 

Toxicological Evaluation Process

A toxicological evaluation at Taobé is conducted by a qualified safety assessor. This process involves calculating, compiling, and researching toxicological data on specific substances where such information has not previously been compiled or is not readily available in open sources.

To assess a chemical substance, Taobé’s safety assessors utilise the Notes of Guidance for Testing and Safety Evaluation (12th Revision) issued by the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS). This document provides a comprehensive framework for our evaluations, ensuring thoroughness and compliance with current standards.

Report on cosmetic raw materials evaluation

The toxicological evaluation report from Taobé Consulting will contain:

  • A full toxicological assessment report of the cosmetic raw material
  • A CLP Safety Data Sheet
  • A Cosmetic Raw Material Regulatory Identity Card including:
    • Complete regulatory data on the cosmetic raw material
    • The maximum safe concentration of use in a cosmetic finished product depending on its category
    • Optional: marketing claims and the concentration at which they apply to the cosmetic product

Lead time for the cosmetic raw materials evaluation

The duration of the toxicological evaluation can vary based on several factors:

  • The type of raw material (amount of ingredients within its composition and its nature)
  • The information and tests already available
  • The information and tests missing and that need to be performed
  • The time it will take to perform the missing tests

For a comprehensive guide on the process involved in evaluating and reporting on cosmetic raw materials, refer to our detailed article on toxicological evaluations of cosmetic raw materials.

Would you like Taobé to review the safety of your cosmetic raw material and/or ingredient? Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the toxicological evaluation of your cosmetic ingredients.