who we are


Founded in 2017 by a team led by a Cosmetic Toxicologist and Regulatory Advisor, Taobé was created with the aim to revolutionize the beauty industry with a focus on safety and compliance.


In 2018, we attracted external investment, fuelling our expansion efforts. By 2019, we established a liaison office in Korea to meet growing demand, and in 2020, we expanded to the UK.


In 2021, achieving profitability, we saw steady growth in Japan. By 2022, our team doubled, reflecting the growing need of beauty brand for a truly different service.


In 2023, our need for stability inherent to our growth ambition pushes us to put in place quality procedures and develop FastReg, a platform which considerably accelerates and simplifies the registration process.


Looking ahead, 2024 sees our expansion into the US market and our ever-growing portfolio of prestige brands trusting us to ensure the compliance of their products and ingredients.

our vision

Here’s to the ones who create beautiful stories, the ones who have dedicated their lives to changing others’. We bow to your hard work, to your dedication, to your vision, to your creation. Becoming the bridge between your art and the rest of the world has been our motivation to start this company a few years back together with the desire to be truly different.

Having worked in the regulatory field for years before founding Taobé Consulting, we remember that we did not want to reinvent the wheel, but we felt that we could achieve greater things with a different mindset. A mindset marrying two opposites: excellence and flexibility. If firm rigour is required in our work, adapting to the reality of our customers and their pitfalls becomes essential.  So, we shaped our way of working to look like a stream weaving through a rocky landscape: changing course to circumvent obstacles.

Inspired by the management method of the successful French Businessman Jean-François Zobrist, we have based the way we function on 4 pillars:​​​​​​​ common sense, trust, quality and inputs from our employees and customers. The will to meet our staff members’ and clients’ needs being at the heart of our concerns has led us to invert the way we make decisions: instead of implementing decisions coming from the top, our inspiration to innovate comes from the feedback of our clients and staff members.

Adapting to our client’s unique needs forever forces us to become our own fierce competitor, to never stop innovating and to work towards perfection in an ever-changing regulatory framework. Taobé Consulting is not just another regulatory consultant. We will be your partner working towards the same goals and be an ear to your problems.

We believe we don’t just do paperwork, our contribution is just a piece of a puzzle that is telling a beautiful story: the story of your brand.

We can’t wait to meet you and talk about your project together.


Customer Satisfaction & Quality

Clients and their satisfaction with our work is our ultimate focus; why we exist. We treat each customer equally, with the uttermost care, providing only excellent work. Our expertise in regulatory compliance demands precision, rigour and attention to detail. It is thanks to these high standards that we can offer unrivaled quality service.

Honesty & Ethics

We make it a point of honour to remain faithful to the values of ethics and honesty in all circumstances.

innovation is key

It’s in our DNA to always be ready to shake up the established order and to question our way of working in order to be the most efficient at all times.


Our mission is to open the door to one of the biggest consumer markets in the world to our customers and guarantee them a hassle-free journey through the intricacies of the EU and UK Regulations.

OUR Name 

Taobé is the acronym for “The Art of Beauty”.

Because, just like Dostoevsky, we believe that beauty will save the world!

You also hear the word TAO in our name, which in Chinese means “the path”, the “road”. This “path” is the one we take with you to certify your products in target markets.

Finally, the “BE” is a nod to our sweet Belgium, where our head office is located. It is also the country in which the European institutions have established their headquarters and where each new European regulation is decided.

OUR Colours 

Petrol blue

Petrol blue is a color that instantly evokes responsibility, confidence, rigor and excellence: qualities that are important to us and which are essential in our work.

As cosmetic regulatory consultants, we are constantly faced with exceptions, changes or different interpretations of the law. It is our duty to maintain a clear guideline and optimal communication with our customers to guide them as best as possible. Petrol blue perfectly symbolizes this consistency that must be demonstrated.

Finally, this deep blue instills a feeling of serenity and peace, comparable to what our clients must feel when they know that all their regulatory issues are taken care of by trusted professionals.


Copper is a very pure metal associated with the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite. She wore copper earrings, symbolizing transformation, beauty and gentleness.

This pure metal is also resistant to atmospheric and marine corrosion, making it one of the most reliable metals in existence and a testament to our reliability and the long-term, trusted relationship we share with our customers.

As shiny but more malleable than gold, copper knows how to adapt to all the projects for which it is intended. As for us, whether we work with an innovative start-up or with one of the biggest players in the sector, we welcome each project individually, giving it the same care, but adapting to its needs.

Finally, copper has exceptional electrical conductivity, providing energy for a specific purpose, such as the incessant communication between us and our clients throughout the life of a project that ultimately leads to success.

OUR Logo

Our logo is a condensed description of our values, skills and priorities. The letters TC are intricated to show the close contact we have with our clients.

Each point represents an aspect of the complex regulatory framework that surrounds cosmetics, with Taobé organizing them in order of priority to take care of for a smooth process, step by step.

There are four steps to consider – and for each step – whatever the size of your company, we make it simple to navigate through the process with Taobé holding your hand for a hassle-free journey.

These four curved lines show how flexible we are while remaining organized. They are like a shield protecting our clients from the burden and the risks taken when placing their unique brand on the market.

They also represent the four pillars on which we have built our company: common sense, trust, quality, and empowerment. 

Altogether these graphical elements demonstrate our engagement towards innovation, collaboration, and client protection. They are part of our history, our expertise, and our unique approach in the everchanging cosmetics regulatory landscape.

Taobe Consulting assisted us in achieving EU and UK product registration. They supported us during the entire process. Taobe’s Team is dedicated, friendly, professional, and supportive every time. We have registered 8 products and received PIF, CPNP, and SCPN notifications. We are very much comfortable working with them. Excellent work!

Wasim Marzooq

We engaged Taobe as our EU Responsible Person for cosmetics. Taobe has been an incredible partner in our expansion into the EU market. They are highly knowledgeable subject matter experts in cosmetics regulation and conduct their business very professionally.

Jerry Nonkovic

It was a very pleasant experience partnering with Taobé for CPSR, PIF, CPNP notification, SCPN notification, EU Responsible Person Service & UK Responsible Person Service. Would highly recommend anybody looking for a reliable partner for the mentioned services.

Nadeem Khan

I have worked with Taobe on multiple occasions and they have always been fantastic! The speed of communication and knowledge they have is fantastic. highly recommend. A+

Andrew Cooper


We welcome all brands seeking regulatory assistance and are ready to adapt to market compliance for greater consumer safety. We are enthusiastic about helping brands come up with innovative concepts and formulations and view their projects as a challenge for us to always improve our expertise. We follow trendy brands concerned about both consumers and the environment, pushing them to consider the ecotoxicological impact of their formula, thus moving further towards greener formulations.

Perfection is in the details and perfection is not a detail