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cosmetic manufacturer program

Manufacturing cosmetic products involves numerous quality decisions and responsibilities, including raw material selection, formula compliance, meeting clients’ expectations, adhering to market requirements, and data collection.

What if you had a regulatory partner to relieve you from some of this burden, making your life and the lives of the cosmetic brands you work with much easier?

  • Introduce you to cosmetic raw material suppliers that match your specifications.
  • Connect you with our international clients and promote your services to them.
  • Prepare the Cosmetic Product Safety Report Part A in total confidentiality.

Cosmetic ingredient suppliers

At Taobé, we work directly with cosmetic raw material suppliers on INCI registration, (eco-) toxicological profiles, safety assessments, claims efficacy, and more. This allows us to build a comprehensive database of ingredients with specific characteristics (vegan, natural, innovative, etc.), all fully documented according to Cosmetics Regulation requirements.

Share with us the specifications of the cosmetic raw materials you are looking for (e.g., SPF, natural, vegan, Japan), and we will prepare a shortlist of ingredients from our database that match your criteria. If we do not have exactly what you need, we will connect you directly with the raw material suppliers we collaborate with.

Promoting trusted cosmetic manufacturers

We have worked successfully with many cosmetic manufacturers who consistently provide high-quality and thorough documentation in a timely manner. These manufacturers are listed in our “best choice” database, which we promote among our international clientele.

We can also direct clients who seek a manufacturer or private labeller to your sales department, depending on the product category and the claims they wish to label.

OEM partner program

Covering the first step of the cosmetic registration process

Sometimes, brands want to know if the cosmetic products you manufacture for them will also be ready for sale in other markets. When the formula is specific to one client and fully customised, it’s best to let the client handle the full registration process. However, for your best-selling products sold to multiple clients, it may be beneficial to confirm that part of the process has already been completed, ensuring the product is ready for multiple markets. Plus, you may keep the data confidential to the different brands, since only Taobé needs to have access to the formula details. We keep your confidential information safe and the brands are assured that the product already complies with the targeted markets’ requirements. 

How streamlining the cosmetic registration process works

Submit your best-selling formula to us, and we will handle the registration process at a privileged price, from formula check up to CPSR Part A. This means that when a brand buys this formula and wants to market it in Europe or the UK, they only need to:

  • Customise the CPSR with their brand name/product name.
  • Have us prepare CPSR Part B.
  • Complete the Label & Claims Check.
  • Finalise the customised Product Information File.
  • Submit the CPNP/SCPN notification.

You can sell such formulas at a higher price since the registration costs will be significantly lower for the cosmetic brand, and the time to market will be considerably reduced. This advantage can be promoted on your website. Additionally, each time you refer us to a new brand, you receive a referral fee that will automatically cover the cost of the first registration step you invested in. Overall, it’s a win-win situation for all parties.

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